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Welcome to the ultimate life simulator experience, BitLife Simulator, where you can live out your wildest dreams or most mundane realities. Available to play directly in your browser on Classroom 6x, BitLife lets you take the reins of a digital life from birth to death, making choices that will shape your character’s fate.

Gameplay Overview

In BitLife Simulator, you start as a newborn and make decisions that will influence your life's trajectory. From choosing your education and career path to navigating relationships and financial decisions, every choice you make impacts your character's happiness and success. Will you lead a life of crime, strive for a successful career, or simply aim to live a balanced and happy life? The possibilities are endless.

Key Features

  • Realistic Life Simulation: Experience the highs and lows of life, from school to career to old age.
  • Wide Range of Choices: Make decisions about education, work, relationships, and more.
  • Random Events: Encounter unexpected events that can drastically change the course of your life.
  • Achievements and Challenges: Complete various achievements and tackle life challenges to earn rewards.
  • Multiple Life Paths: Choose to be virtuous or notorious, wealthy or poor, happy or miserable – it's all up to you.

Why Play BitLife Simulator on Classroom 6x?

At Classroom 6x, we bring you the best of browser-based gaming, and BitLife Simulator is a standout addition. Here’s why:

  • No Downloads Required: Jump straight into the game without the need for downloads or installations.
  • Instant Play: Start playing immediately and watch as your decisions unfold in real-time.
  • Free to Play: Enjoy all the features of BitLife Simulator at no cost, directly from our website.

Tips for New Players

  • Think Long-Term: Early decisions about education and career can significantly impact your future.
  • Manage Finances: Keep an eye on your finances to ensure you can handle life's unexpected challenges.
  • Explore Different Paths: Replay the game to explore different life paths and outcomes.


BitLife Simulator offers an engaging and highly replayable experience that mirrors the complexities of real life. Whether you want to be a rock star, a criminal mastermind, or a dedicated family person, BitLife provides a sandbox where you can live out any fantasy. Join us at Classroom 6x and start your virtual life today!

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