Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart is a management game that is fun to play and difficult to put down. You’re a monkey running a grocery store, and you need to grow your business by efficiently managing fruit, crops, and sales while unlocking more items, aisles, and employees along the way.

How to Play Monkey Mart

To interact with Monkey Mart, move your monkey character around the store using the arrow keys. From there, it can reach different objects:

  • To plant fruits you need to click vacant plots of land.
  • To harvest crops click on ripe plants.
  • To sell products you will have to interact with customers then choose what product you want them buy from you.


  • Arrow Keys: Move your monkey around the supermarket.
  • Spacebar: Use for planting fruits or harvesting crops.
  • Left Mouse Button: Click to sell products to customers.

Tips for Success

In order to succeed in Monkey Mart make sure you follow these tips:

  • Farm and sell fruits which are high in demand close together so as speed up growth of business in terms of sales volumes achieved per day. This area should be given priority over other types of consumable crops because their shelf life is short hence they require quick conversion into cash that can be used for further investment towards expansion plans or any other strategic needs identified from time-to-time during game play sessions.
  • Ensure you hire staff who will help with important tasks such as planting, harvesting and selling thereby increasing operational efficiency.
  • Upgrade your store often to attract more customers which in turn increases foot traffic leading to higher sales volumes.

Advanced Strategies

  • Customer Satisfaction: Keep the customers happy. This is very important because they might come back for shopping again if satisfied with previous experience at a particular outlet within the game world. There are several ways you can do this: offer variety products, give discounts or even improve on service delivery.
  • Expansion: Expand your supermarket by adding new aisles and products that appeal to different segments of shoppers found in various parts of town thus broadening its customer base hence increasing revenue generation potentiality across all stores within vicinity.
  • Saffing: Employ more personnel so as to be able handle large numbers coming into shops especially when there are many people visiting during peak hours like weekends while still maintaining smooth operations throughout weekday hours where less traffic may occur thereby giving opportunity for growth strategies implementation as required based on game played time periods .


This game offers a lot of dynamism but it’s still enjoyable and easy-to-pick up for players of all ages. Monkey Mart is a management title that encourages strategic thinking about business growth through simple controls and deep gameplay mechanics.

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