Tunnel Rush

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Tunnel Rush is an exciting game that involves travelling through a tunnel full of colours that change continuously, giving you the feeling of moving in a kaleidoscope. This 3D running game was created with inspiration from Rage Quit Racer, and it combines an easy yet addictive gameplay with visually stunning environments that are also challenging at the same time.

Game Overview

You will have to drive at extreme speeds through a tunnel packed with many different types of obstacles which demand quick reflexes and acute decision making skills. Every step taken in Tunnel Rush brings new difficulties; therefore, even if you reach far into its levels one mistake sends back to the start line where your patience and competence are tested.

Visual and Audio Experience

The graphics are amazing! Bright colors mixed with great sound design make this game truly immersive. From simple black-and-white visuals it transitions to multi-coloured areas which keep players engaged throughout their journey.

Multiplayer Mode

In addition to single-player mode, Tunnel Rush also offers a two player option. Here you can compete against friends or other players online by racing them through the track until one person remains on course for longest period of time – proving themselves as ultimate survivor!

Game Features

  • Simple Controls: One button control system makes it possible for everyone to play but difficult enough that challenge still exists.
  • Dynamic Obstacles: There is wide variety of moving objects as well as some static ones thrown at players’ way requiring constant attention be paid by them while playing the game.
  • Solo and Multiplayer Challenges: Whether alone or with others around – put all your skills into practice here!
  • Endless Gameplay: You never know when this game ends because it goes on forever unless something blocks path! With increased distance comes more difficult challenges so get ready for thrill ride like no other!

Inspirational Gameplay

If you enjoyed playing Slope Tunnel then surely will not get disappointed when trying out additional features brought about by Tunnel Rush. Even though main idea behind both games still involves dodging obstacles within ever accelerating tunnel, Tunnel Rush has managed to give own touch by introducing vibrant colours which change frequently along with speeds that continue rising making one’s addiction levels rise as well.

How to Play

Objective: All red obstacles should be avoided, they can either remain still or rotate; the player must move through the tunnel without touching any of them.


  • The arrow keys or A and D keys are used for moving left and right respectively.
  • Pressing spacebar pauses or restarts game play.
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