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The third version of the favorite infinite running series titled Run 3 has been released by Joseph Cloutier. The game requires players to guide a small alien through dangerous space tunnels without falling down. Unlike its predecessors, this edition is based on HTML5 which means that it can be played without having to support Flash.

Game Outline

In Run 3, you must run all the time while avoiding different types of obstacles such as gaps, falling blocks or traps. As you move across new territories in an attempt to prevent alien from falling into deep space vacuum, the difficulty level increases dramatically. Every collision with the wall or any other object ends the game and forces you back to where you were at that moment.

Exciting Game Modes

  • Discovery Mode: Discover new levels and extend galaxy map by visiting unfamiliar places and making friends along your journey.
  • Infinite Mode: Run forever! Just don’t fall off the tunnel – otherwise it’s game over for you. Dodge obstacles and collect energy tiles to increase your chances of surviving as long as possible.


You need to master controls used in Run 3 so that you can easily overcome challenges encountered throughout:

  • Left/Right Arrows: Change direction of gravity force applied on alien.
  • Up Arrow: Jump over any kind of obstacle.
  • R: Restart current level if things are not going well for you there!
  • P: Pause game whenever necessary – just make sure nothing unexpected happens while doing so!

Useful Tips for Gameplay

  • Be ready for upcoming challenges and think twice before making any jumps that could lead to falling down.
  • Try to make best use of rotation feature when going through complex parts of the tunnel.
  • Leave no stone unturned while playing each mode – this will help you develop necessary skills needed for your survival.

If you are a fan of action or endless running games then Run 3 is definitely worth trying out. Dynamic controls combined with different modes and strategic gameplay create an exciting experience which should not be missed by anyone looking for adrenaline pumping challenges.

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